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  • Michael Zhou

EP3: Evaluating Large Language Models with HumanELY

Following up on our previous episode on how to evaluate your custom GPT, we've invited the BrainX AI team to share their novel evaluation tool – HumanELY (Human Evaluation of Large Language model Yield)! Join us for an enlightening podcast with them as we delve into their groundbreaking product, HumanELY. Designed to revolutionize the human evaluation of large language models, HumanELY offers a comprehensive and structured approach for consistent and measurable analysis.


Dr. Piyush Mathur, MD, FCCM, FASA, FAMIA: Anesthesiologist & Intensivist at Cleveland Clinic with more than 20 year clinical experience. Leading AI application in healthcare to improve quality and patient safety.

Dr. Raghav Awasthi, PhD: Postdoctoral Researcher at Case Western Reserve University, leading AI healthcare applications at BrainX AI.

Dr. Shreya Mishra, PhD: Postdoctoral Researcher at Cleveland Clinic, focusing on AI in healthcare. Research Consultant at BrainX AI.

🎥 Episode Breakdown:

Part I: Hear from Dr. Mathur about the inception and vision behind HumanELY, and its potential impact on AI in healthcare. Dr. Awasthi discusses the technical journey of creating HumanELY, focusing on the challenges and solutions to ensure tool accuracy and reliability.

Part II: Dr. Mishra demonstrates HumanELY's practical application with a walkthrough and discussion on user feedback and integration into healthcare workflows.

Part III: Q&A section. Discussion about AI in healthcare in 2024.


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