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Your Practical Guide to Navigating AI in Healthcare

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In every newsletter, we will cover three main sections: one AI Concept, one relevant research paper, and some practical tips and tricks on utilizing available AI tools. These segments are carefully curated to build your foundational knowledge of AI, keep you informed about the latest research, and offer practical advice on utilizing AI tools at the bedside. 


In every episode, we will cover detailed tips and trips to help you fully utilize state-of-the-art AI technology for healthcare. We will go through important information such as application usage, security and accessibility, etc. 

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Our Mission

The Neural Medwork is dedicated to demystifying AI for busy healthcare professionals with bite-sized newsletters and vlogs. Our focus is on delivering practical insights for the safe and ethical use of common AI tools. We are committed to empowering clinicians to keep a hand on the pulse of AI in healthcare.

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Neural Medwork

The Neural Medwork is your go-to source for all things AI in healthcare. We provide specialized knowledge and insights into the latest AI trends, research papers, and available tools to help you navigate the complex world of AI in healthcare.

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Your Hosts

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Michael Zhou

AI entrepreneur & researcher

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Dr. Sameer Shaikh

Clinician & Educator

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